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If the good is water, the heavens and the earth will meet. It is the core concept of Xinbang culture. People-oriented, self-improvement, self-improvement, concern for life value and social responsibility, and striving to create a better life for mankind are the cultural spirit of Xinbang. Everything is based on reality, people-oriented, focusing on enhancing the overall quality of enterprises, and enhancing the core competitiveness and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises is the basic concept of Xinbang.
Xinbang people are committed to integrating corporate culture with corporate strategic objectives, corporate culture and business management, and adhere to the principles of building corporate culture and building corporate culture. Facts have proved that if the corporate culture is only one or two people, or just a few people's corporate culture, it is not sustainable, nor is it an effective and truly corporate culture that we must build to form the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
Good in water, heaven and earth
"If you are good at water, you will not be arguing for the good things, and you will be blamed for all the people, so it is a few words." Laozi "The Tao Te Ching" Chapter 8.
It reflects the cultural spirit of Xinbang Chemical's people-oriented, self-improvement, self-improvement, attention to life value and social responsibility, and dedication to creating a better life for mankind.